SMEA Hard Enduro Practice and Training Facility in Perth Western Australia is pushing forward with plans. In partnership with AMA Enduro and Grassroots Enduro, SMEA is now putting the call out for expressions of interest to help with the next step in the process.

Dean Logan, head of SMEA, has this to say.

“Some of you will remember we were working very hard last year with Government to establish a technical hard enduro training facility in Perth. Some blokes said we couldn’t do it. Well guess what!

The idea is simple: We want a facility that blokes /chicks/kids can head to after work, train at for an hour and head home to the family for dinner. The facility is controlled by us with strict rules to ensure dickheads last 3mins and never come back. The course mirrors the hardest courses in the world, BUT caters for all levels down to little tackers – ala its FAMILY FRIENDLY. We supply the insurance, you shoot past on your way home, train for an hour, fob pass access, yearly membership, or per session cost – you get the picture.

We’ve now added another component – education and training and an ATV training component. We won’t expand past hard enduro and ATV for now, as we want a successful venue straight off the bat.

So we’ve had numerous conversations with Government and correspondence from Ministers across various States BUT we are starting in Perth. Peak industry groups are interested but we want this run by and controlled by grassroots riders. So who and what are we after?
1. Are you a tradie who can give time and maybe some resources to the project in Perth? Fencing, bricklayer, CTV, electrical, plumbing, chippy, etc. In return, we’ll give you between 1-5 years of free national sponsorship / PR as well as free access, based on how much you give us.
2. Do you have an engineering background and can you help us design the hard enduro track and ATV training area to comply with safety regs etc?
3. Are you a farmer and can you supply us with rocks, logs etc?
4. Do you own an excavator or dozer and/or can you help us sculpt the track and training areas?

This is being controlled by the SMEA, the AMA and Grassroots Enduro Australia. We’ll sort out a committee in due course, because we need to wrap up our proposal, but if you’d like to know more, drop me a line – 0403 195 798 or an email “