Ordered my Acerbis hand guards and they arrived within a week.
Excellent price, products, and service from Ben @ CoffeyRock.
Cheers for the chat.
Brent Martin

Excellent to deal with, prompt fast delivery and knowledgeable about the products they sell. Other Perth shops couldn’t even get parts for my Sherco but these guys had a price and availability list for me next day …will continue to shop with them.
James Robinson

Few more bits from CoffeyRock. Great prices and next day shipping. Always a pleasure to deal with.

Ordered last night and here before lunch!!! 
Thankyou Ben Coffey can’t wait to try on the new shoe!!! — feeling excited.
Neville Hackett

Thanks Ben. Excellent service. I’ll be using your shop again.
Simon Chalker

Shout-out to Ben for sorting out a clutch Kit for our 125SX.
Can’t fault the service or the pricing. Great job Ben…I’ll be back.
Jarod Griffiths

Thanks Ben, love your work 😊
I will be sure to let you know if i need more goodies

Ben recommended some Mitas tyres for my enduro bike. Great service and advice. Tyres were in stock ready to go. Get around it.
Nick Cooper

Big shout out to Ben and crew. Looked after me when I put myself out of action for 12 months. Cancelled order and refunded payment with no problems. Very understanding. Support these guys whenever you can.👍
Steve Brake

Highly recommend CoffeyRock Offroad. Ordered $500 worth of Top end and wheel bearings yesterday. Arrived today. Thanks CROMP

Great support and service, made sure the parts I ordered were correct for what I intended, some kits doubled up and we worked through what was actually needed and the remainder of my outstanding items which were not listed they had. Contact directly and get some A++ support
Alex Robeson

Why wouldn’t I go to CoffeyRock?! Super doopa happy with everything they have to offer! Mint 👌 5 out of 5! CoffeyRock Offroad Motorcycle Parts thanks for looking after me!
Neville Hackett

Shout out to these boys for the wicked Mitas tyres I’ve just had fitted, these are the best I’ve had by far.. a lot of hills I normally had trouble with I trumped, the mighty Mitas is an amazing tyre. Get down and get yours today!!


Great, easy to use website.

Hey huge shout to you guys! Ordered my parts Tuesday night and today (Thursday) they were at the front door waiting for me!! (Im in Gladstone QLD) 👌🏻
Will be getting my parts through you guys from now on in
Ben Biggs

Got them on Tuesday and all fitted up sweet today. Tip top service,cheers👍

Hi CROMP just letting you know I picked up my thermo fan for my 450 EXC just finished fitting it. Just want say awesome speed on getting the item posted all through it took me this long to fit only due to work. The fan fits good and works great only tested around the yard but so far so good I’m really happy with it. Thanks again and look forward to getting some new boots for my bike later on cheers

Good, beefy looking profile on this tyre! (Shinko 505 Cheater 120/90-19)
I think mx guys who like to go bush (or guys who just choose to ride an mx bike) will really appreciate you offering it up.
Sam McCall

Cheers Ben, received the parcel today. Awesome service, thanks!
Lee H

Thanks Joshua Coffey U Did A Outstanding Job On My XR Its In Perfect Condition?
Michael B Wicks

yeah mate (received the radiators) friday morning they went on mint. cheers for the fantastic products and service.
 Luke Bunton-King

Thankyou for the prompt delivery of quality parts ?
Dennis Clear – Secret Harbour

Top service 
Top prices
Great guys
Josh is a guru
Simon Johnson


Excellent service. Went for a ride with these blokes on the weekend, snapped a lever and they had it fixed and back on the ride straight away. Easy to deal with and willing to spend time helping out with advice.
Brett Aramini


Have only experienced great prices and speedy delivery from Cromp. First port of call for KTM parts in perth.
Thanks for all your hard work guys ??
Grant Armadeus Loewenthal


Well i just wanna tell ya these blokes / idiots are a great bunch, got some gear from Josh a while back, good price, good comms, and great service.Well done.
Rob Harvey


Great prices and wide selection of parts / accessories , as well as speedy delivery times . ??
Mark Hughes

Great service and top quality parts..! I’ll be going back for sure!
Justin Vanstan


Cheers Josh,

Really good service and helpful this whole time, will be coming back to buy from CROMP again in future.

(Items bought for 2012 Husaberg TE250 – piston rings, clutch plates, wheel bearings, lower shock heim joint bearing, brake pads
Items bought for 2008 KTM 450 – Oil filter, lower shock heim joint bearing, cam chain tensioner, large oil drain plug, copper washer, small oil drain plug)

Hi Josh

got the sprockets today
many thanks for your efforts
will reccomend you to others

much appreciated


After a few too many stacks my expansion chamber was, at best, 40% of its intended diameter at the place all KTM 2 stroke owners know about (where the pipe bends in front of the frame cradle, which makes an excellent leverage point for bending the crap out of the pipe!).

My brothers stock pipe (almost, but not quite, as bent as mine)
A PC Platinum 2
A FMF Gnarly
Try to straighten mine.
Option 4 was almost a disaster (got pipe stuck in exhaust manifold)
The default was to buy a Gnarly (and muffler) from the US for about $380 shipped.

Then I remembered someone mentioning a brand called SRT. I did some googling and found a company in WA who were the importer in Australia.

After speaking to them (very helpful) I thought I’d give their pipe a go (its a copy of the OEM, made in the US).
Pipe cost $239 plus postage (with AusPost another $40) and got here in 4 days (NSW). Arrived (at no extra cost) with new springs and O rings.

Easy installation.

Took it for a ride today. Bike ran beautifully and tractored up hills it shouldnt be able to!

I got a warm fuzzy buying locally and the customer service was excellent.

Highly recommended. Also a cheap option if you’re putting on a new pipe to sell a bike.


J Gibson


Easy to install, colour coded to your ride!

Radiator Guards - Easy to install
Radiator Guards – Easy to install
Radiator Guards
Radiator Guards

5 /04/2013
Well after a hiccup where i did not install the first master link correctly i have now racked up almost 15 hrs since fitting this chain and so far so good. As you expect it needed a couple of re-tension’s within the first few hours but now haven’t touched it for over 10 hrs.
Value for money you can’t go wrong with the SRT chain and the service from Josh is spot on.
Next chain and sprocket change i will go SRT for sure.


Tried running the standard handguards on the 2013 300, but my little fingers just kept getting destroyed….so it was time!

I’ve run Barkbuster brand, overpriced IMO, Cycra CRM’s which worked but also broke easily cos they’re cut from plate not extrusion, G2 Ergonomics which are good but stayed with the 2010.

Looked briefly at other brands like Acerbis…..but god damn they’re pricey! We’re not all rich!

So onto and ordered myself a Podium pack in black. The ali bars are hefty, similar to most brands, but the best design is the inner mounts. They’re tapered to fit the bars neatly and with four bolts do up tight, not gonna rotate these babies! The cut out/step means they clear the hydraulic clutch line nicely (Yay!).

The plastic deflectors are the same as the Cycra one’s and give heaps of protection.
Only had one good drop and not rotated or damaged them, plenty of small drops and best of all, my little fingers are still attached.

Overall, very good quality and the customer service from Josh is exceptional. I do also have a rear guard for the 2010, which I haven’t fitted yet, but will definitely be using SRT Offroad gear again.


First rad guards I’ve had, so cannot compare fitment, performance to other brands, however:

Compared to the Force guards on my brother’s bike which are bent out of aluminium sheet, these are machined out of billet and look (and should be) stronger.

Fitment was perfect on my right radiator which is standard, but was a bit of a bastard on the left rad, which I had to replace with a Mylers Radiator from RMATV. This, obviously is a fault with the rad not the guard. I think Mylers must make them for MX application where the buyers probably just run plastic shrouds so they are lazy with the design and it doesn’t exactly match stock. In the end I just had to grind away a little guard material to clear the bottom tank on both edges of the Mylers radiator.

Overall they look cooler than Force guards and should be a bit stronger.

Sourced from CoffeyRock Offroad


What a day!

All kudos goes to Josh and his old man, couple of minor dramas with us getting lost a couple times was quickly sorted out with Josh knowing his way round those hills like it’s his backyard. So much single out there that’s not whooped out or well known made for some great riding. Long berms and fast flowing with a bit of everything, even the big bores had a good time!!!

Endless amounts of trails to be had, was really a rider’s paradise, couple of hills, couple of creeks, couple of stacks, all in good spirits.

Grunta’s 6 day was a site to behold, some of it’s brother’s weren’t doing so good though, one needed a push and a couple of others needed de-watering, once the tears were wiped away they kicked over and we were on our way!!! ps Sambo thanks for being sweep legend

Great to see no one got hurt even though there was a fair bit of dust coming up by the arvo, not even a busted bike!!!

Drewy looking forward to seeing that slide out on vid!!!


Thanks again, looking forward to the next!